Daughters of the King


Daughters of the King

Second Friday of every month
3:45 pm

As Daughters of the King, we pray daily and evangelize to the lost, each in our own way. In praying daily we take requests that can easily be made one of two ways.  On the back of the “Welcome” card in the pews or by calling St. Marks office.  Your prayer request will be prayed daily for 1 month.  We currently have 12 women and 2 priests who receive these requests.  All prayer requests are kept confidential.

Daughters of the King is an order of Episcopal women that was started in Philadelphia in 1885 for the express purpose of Evangelism and praying daily.  Our chapter, Bishop Talbot chapter was founded in 1892.  We meet monthly at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church on the 2nd Friday of each month at 3:45, where we share and culminate with Eucharist.  If you would like more information, please contact Como Boyle, Joann McConnaughey, Mara Funk, Shirley McLelland, or Patti Jones.