• Acolytes
    This group helps lead our liturgies on Sunday morning.  It includes but is not limited to carrying the cross and torches, and assisting with communion.
  • Altar Guild and Altar Flowers
    This group helps to care for our altar, the Communion, the cleaning of altar linens, the flowers, and Communion vessels.
  • Children’s Chapel and Sunday School
    A group that helps lead chapel and Sunday school for children.  This can be assisting or as a primary person.  We have very user-friendly Bible-based curriculums that do not require expertise to lead.
  • Children and Youth Choir
    This group practices weekly and performs during the Sunday morning liturgies.
  • Choir
    This group sings on Sunday mornings
  • Christmas Pageant
    This group begins their work in the Fall building up to the early Christmas eve liturgy.  The Pageant takes the place of the regular sermon at the 5 p.m. Christmas eve liturgy.
  • Eucharistic Ministers
    This group serves each week helping to distribute Communion.
  • Eucharistic Visitors
    This group takes Communion each Sunday out to those that couldn’t attend church.
  • Lectors
    This group reads the scriptures each Sunday at the services.
  • Ushers
    This group hands out bulletins on Sunday morning, greets people, and performs other liturgical functions as needed.
  • Wedding Team
    This group helps to manage our weddings here at St. Mark’s, working with the clergy to coordinate all functions of the ceremonies.