• Adult and Children’s Education / Sunday Morning
    These are people who help to lead and facilitate our Sunday morning classes
  • Confirmation/Baptism/Membership
    Adults and teenagers who want to make a mature commitment to follow Christ and become an adult member in the parish, or anyone desiring baptism or membership, would take this six session class offered by the rector three or four times a year.  Contact the church office to find out more details or to sign up.  The Bishop comes every year and a half to confirm those who have been prepared.  Baptisms occur regularly throughout the year.
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study
    This group meets on Thursday mornings
  • Living Compass
    Study and Meditation Group
  • Nursery
    A group who helps to manage our ministry to babies.  It includes being a support to our paid staff who works each week on Sunday mornings.  This ministry does not require that you be present every Sunday.
  • Youth Group
    This group works with our teenagers in church.  Currently, the youth group meets twice a month in addition to other projects and events.
  • Safeguarding God’s Children
    This group helps to facilitate our program for adults interested in working with children